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Project manager (Ken B)
Assistant manager (N/A)
Lead Programmer (Ken B)
Secondary Programmer (Open)
Concept design artist (OPEN, OPEN)
Character design (Open, Open)
Item design (Open, Open)
Texturer(OPEN, OPEN)
Modeler (OPEN, OPEN)
Character model
Item model
Props model
Level designer (OPEN, OPEN)
AI scripter (OPEN)
Special FX designer (OPEN)
Sound FX designer (OPEN)



-Lane based area style maps

-FPS gameplay with MOBA core

-Teams of 5, possibly 10 in future

-Weapons will do more damage based on skills/purchased items

-Players fight PVP along side their soldiers (Minions)

-First map with have two towers in every lane, per team

-Players must defend lanes / home base

- Initial Map contains lanes themed forrest/river

-Store for players at initial spawn

-Players will fight fast paced, damage depending on level and gear



Currently working on Map Design, will work on code after I find someone else to do the map.


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